TLDR: Former photographer and consultant. Professional day-jobber in the tech industry. Avid hiker, cook, connoisseur of all delicious, consumable things.

Spending my precious free time exploring the Best of New Mexico and anywhere else my Jeep can take me. 

Update 10/09/2020: We are in a pandemic. I no longer have any free time, or a Jeep.

My little boat 

It goes without saying that life is a journey. I like to use boats as an analogy. Each one of us as individuals, are traversing our own paths in our individual boats. These boats come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Regardless of the size of our boats or the type of water we are in, I try to ensure that what I do in my boat has as little impact as possible on other boats that I may encounter along the way.

This blog is intended to share my personal experiences and nothing more. My voyage has been a unique one. I have not met a single person who has encountered the same medical and physical complexities as I have, and that is okay.

When I talk about my experiences here, be it food, exercise, diet, or anything that encompasses my adventure, these experiences are mine alone. It is not my intention to give advice or try to rock anyone else’s boat; I am too busy trying to steer my own.

I have been told “You can’t”, “You won’t”, or “You shouldn’t try – that’s not possible for you” for so long that I’ve learned to tune out any advice freely or otherwise dispensed my way so keep that in mind if you decide to leave any in the comments while passing by. I do have a paid coach/trainer, diet & nutrition professional and a doctor that I sort of trust currently (the jury is out).

My Ad-free promise 

One of the things I am going to start sharing online are recipes or dishes of things I have haphazardly slapped together. Ironically, one of the things I find most annoying on the internet are blogs or websites which feature recipes. Rest assured, I am not calling out any individual bloggers; some of the recipes themselves are great, and I love to experiment or try out new things.

The growing trend for content creators has been to insert advertisements in banners, boxes and sprinkle them throughout paragraphs and image galleries on their websites.  I understand the need for monetization and there was a time when I may have considered a single discreet banner on a page or two of a higher traffic website. Today there are pop-ups and ads everywhere, scrollers, notification alerts, and videos playing with sound automatically. It has become such an overwhelming unwelcome interaction that I hardly want to visit any of these pages hidden beneath the mess.

My recipes will also be SEO (search engine optimization) clutter free. What this means is I will not be keyword spamming paragraphs worth of nonsensical content about my family, the hills and farm (as if), or other inane chatter to fill a word requirement to boost my page rankings for SEO. I currently have two regular site visitors and three blog subscribers. If I never grow beyond those numbers, that suits me fine. If I do somehow manage to pick up traffic, I will find another way to monetize, or you know – keep plugging away at my day job…