Ode to my first vacation in 12 years

Exploration, Outdoors, Travel / Thursday, August 1st, 2019

Last updated on September 22nd, 2019

Sure, I’ve had time off from work. Of course, nowadays companies (notably, the ones I’ve worked for) conflate “sick time” with “paid time off” without any benefits known as “vacation time”, which means I’ve easily been able to burn through all of my available time off in various ways.

One year there was the funeral across the country for my mother, the following year was my youngest son’s senior year of high school as a special needs student. Another year I had an attack of the gallbladder which was severe enough to send me reeling home from work, but not “sick enough” to warrant surgery¬† – at least according to doctors. I’ve had dogs that needed to be put to sleep, and cars that needed repairs. All of these things chip away at the meager time set aside for R&R. If there was the occasion where I did have time, then resources were a major limiter. If not one thing, then another – and I staunchly refused to complain (much) about it.

Over the years, this has equaled no official vacation in the sense of getting-out-of-dodge-and-getting-away-from-it all.

This year marks the first time I have taken a getting-out-of-dodge-and-getting-away-from-it-all-vacation, in 12 years.

I was born and raised in southern California. My other half, born and raised in northern California. For vacation, we opt to meet in the middle, on California’s central coast.

All it takes for my soul to come alive, is a dip in the icy cold waters of the Pacific. So of course, two short days on the road saw us in our own happy place.

One of my favorite things about California, which makes it great, is the wondrous diversity within the overall state ecosystem.

It’s been several weeks, since I’ve been home, and I’m already looking forward to my next vacation. Hopefully much sooner this time.