Timber Peak Trail 70

Exploration, Outdoors / Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

(Note: This hike was done on September 13, 2015)

One of the things that make New Mexico so great, is represented well in this hike. Diversity in landscape.  You get a sweet visual taste of everything on this 5.2 mile in-and-out hike.

Magdalena Mountains, Socorro, NM
Magdalena Mountains, Socorro, NM

This hike is rated as “most difficult” on the local community hiking guide website for its ‘rough, primitive tread surface’ (I can attest to that), and the fact that the elevation is constantly up and down making for a strenuous workout. Overall, it was worth it and yes I would do it again.

The good: as mentioned before – diversity. So so much of this – stunning vistas, colorful wildlife and flowers, canopies of trees under a beautifully shaded forest – keeping the hike from being too hot, and a fantastic workout.

Magdalena Mountains, Socorro, NM
Magdalena Mountains, Socorro, NM

The not so good: ‘talus’ or ‘scree‘ as our hiking group leader called it (rockslide – debris across the path). Walking across the top was precarious, it was easy to slip and have rocks disappear out from under our boots, only to tumble down the steep slope of the mountainside.

Magdalena Mountains, Socorro, NM
Talus across the trail – Magdalena Mountains, Socorro, NM

The very cool: many parts of the trail were marked with ‘cairns’ or standing rock formations, as opposed to signs or other litter.



Magdalena Mountains, Socorro, NM
Rock Cairn – Magdalena Mountains, Socorro, NM

The Details:

Timber Peak Hiking Trail on South Baldy (#70)
Magdalena Mountains Socorro County, New Mexico

Elevation = 8,680 ft (trail ends)
Distance = 5.2 miles

Online Guide

Difficulty: Most difficult.
The “most difficult” rating of this trail resulted from two factors.
First, almost all of this trail has a very rough, primitive tread surface. Second,
the elevation is almost constantly changing by utilizing many short, moderately steep climbs and descents.
Not for the faint of heart or those afraid of heights.
Trail head access requires high clearance vehicle.

Magdalena Mountains, Socorro, NM
The First Ascent at Timber Peak – Magdalena Mountains, Socorro, NM

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